☰ Nursing Research (Nursing) - MCQs

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Advantages of cross sectional study over longitudinal study hour except-

  • A. Completed in a short time
  • B. Less expensive
  • C. The results are known earlier
  • D. This method consider the present, past and future

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During conduction of above research if the researcher takes representative samples from the age group of birth, 3 months, 4 - 6 months, 9 months and so on then this type of survey will be known as-

  • A. Longitudinal survey
  • B. Cross - sectional survey
  • C. Evaluative survey
  • D. Comparative survey

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If a research wish to study the developmental Pattern of children from birth to 5 years of age and during research if he follows a group of new born infants from their birth to five years of age to assess their development this type of survey is known as-

  • A. Longitudinal survey
  • B. Cross sectional survey
  • C. Evaluative survey
  • D. Case - study

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The most powerful research method for establishing casual relationship is-

  • A. Experimental method
  • B. Comparative method
  • C. Correlation method
  • D. Descriptive method

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If a researcher wants to compare the "nutritional needs of rural and urban women", this type of survey will be-

  • A. Correlated survey
  • B. Comparative survey
  • C. Evaluative survey
  • D. Retrospective survey

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In research process a hypothesis usually identifies-

  • A. Variables to be used
  • B. Measuring tools
  • C. Sample to be studied
  • D. All of the above

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