☰ Nutrition (Nursing) - MCQs

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In the following which is the richest source of vitamin-A-

  • A. Cod liver oil
  • B. Halibut liver oil
  • C. Cheese
  • D. Butter

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During pregnancy and lactation recommended dietary intake of clacium is-

  • A. 600 mg/ day
  • B. 400 mg/ day
  • C. 1000 mg/ day
  • D. 1200 mg/ day

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Which of the following trace element is associated with diarrhoea and rash-

  • A. Iron
  • B. Copper
  • C. Zine
  • D. Selenium

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In the following which is the poor Source of iron-

  • A. Green-leafy vegetables
  • B. Liver
  • C. Pista
  • D. Butter

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Recommended or acceptable concentration of fluorine in drinking water is-

  • A. 1 PPM
  • B. 2 PPM
  • C. 2.5 PPM
  • D. 3.5 PPM

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In the following which is the richest source of iron-

  • A. Meat
  • B. Raisins
  • C. Cashew nut
  • D. Pista

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