☰ Pharmacology (Nursing) - MCQs

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Dicoumarol is an antimetabolite of

  • A. Heparin
  • B. Vitamin K
  • C. Prothrombin
  • D. Folic acid

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If Quinidine and digoxin are administered concurrently, which of the following effects dose quinidine have on digoxin ?

  • A. The adsorption of digixin from the Gl tract is decreased
  • B. The metabolism of digoxin is prevented
  • C. The concentration of digoxin in the plasma is increased
  • D. The ability of digoxin to inhibit the Na + k+ stimulated ATPase is reduced

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In a hypertensive patient who is taking insulin to treat diabetes, which of the following drugs is to be used with extra caution and advice to the patient?

  • A. Hydralazine
  • B. prazosin
  • C. Guanethidine
  • D. propranolol

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The ECG of a patient who is receiving digitalis in the therapeutic dose range would be likely to show

  • A. prolongation of the QT interval
  • B. Prologation of the PR interval
  • C. Symmetric peaking of the T wave
  • D. Widening of the QRS complex

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Which of the following drugs recommended for the lowering of blood cholesterol by inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol by blocking 3- hydroxy -3 methylglutaryl - coenzyme A {HMG- Co A} reductase?

  • A. Lovastain
  • B. Producol
  • C. Clofibrate
  • D. Gemfibrozil

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A positive Coombs, test and hemolytic anemia follow the administration of which antihypertensive drug?

  • A. Methyl dopa
  • B. Clonidine
  • C. Guanabenz
  • D. prazosin

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