☰ Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Which of the following is not formed by heamoglobin:

  • A. Bilirubin
  • B. Fibrinogen
  • C. Stercoblin
  • D. Uroblinogen

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Xerophthalmia is due to the deficiency of:

  • A. Vitamin-D
  • B. Vitamin-C
  • C. Vitamin-B
  • D. Vitamin-A

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Meaning of anatomy is:

  • A. Study of plants
  • B. Study of microbes
  • C. Study of human body
  • D. None of these

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Causative agent of chicken pox is:

  • A. Cornybacterium
  • B. Varicella zoster
  • C. Yerisinia pestis
  • D. Escherichia coli

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General test to identify carbohydrates:

  • A. Mayer's test
  • B. Benidict's test
  • C. Shinoda test
  • D. Molish test

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All are non-essential amino acid except:

  • A. Tyrosine
  • B. Glycine
  • C. Serine
  • D. Valine

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