☰ Drug Store and Business Management (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Mail order buisness is.

  • A. Wholesale trade
  • B. Retail trade by post
  • C. Direct selling trade
  • D. Retail trade

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When at least 51% shares of business organization are in the hand of government of is called?

  • A. Public corporation
  • B. Government company
  • C. Public company
  • D. Departmental organization

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A journal is a book of.

  • A. Original entry
  • B. Secondary entry
  • C. Cash transaction
  • D. Petty cash transaction

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"The shop act license" issued by labor office is valid for how many years from the date of its receipt?

  • A. 5-Years
  • B. 3-Years
  • C. 2-Years
  • D. 4-Years

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In utilization of finance, the "Fixed Capital" in invested on which of the following.

  • A. Purchase of raw materials
  • B. Plant and Machinery
  • C. Wages and rent
  • D. Taxes and interest

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In selective inventory control, it is beneficial to combine.

  • A. S-O-S and X-Y-Z methods
  • B. H-M-L and F-S-N methods
  • C. A-B-C and H-M-L methods
  • D. S-D-E and X-Y-Z method

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