☰ Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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CPOE technology stands for.

  • A. Computer protected order entry
  • B. Computerized patient order entry
  • C. Computerized provider order entery
  • D. Computer-generated password entry

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CSSSD stand for.

  • A. Clean Safe Supply Services Department
  • B. Central Sterile Supply Services Department
  • C. Clean Sterile Supply Services Department
  • D. Central Safety Supply Services Department

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The primary function of a hospital are all EXCEPT.

  • A. Medical research
  • B. Diagnosis and treatment
  • C. Promotion of drug use
  • D. Patient care

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Absorbable suture material among the following is.

  • A. Polypropamide
  • B. Nylon
  • C. Catgut
  • D. Silk

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Patch-clamp method is used for.

  • A. Recording ion current flow throught single channels
  • B. Studying the structure of cell membrane
  • C. Recording biphasic action potential
  • D. Recording compound action potential

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Human anatomical waste should be disposed

  • A. Microwaving
  • B. Incineration
  • C. Landfill
  • D. Autoclaving

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