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Human Anatomy and Physiology (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Pitutiary gland is present.
  • A. Below the brain
  • B. Above the brain
  • C. Inside the brain
  • D. Nowhere near the brain

In the case of a test-tube baby?
  • A. Fertilisation takes place inside the test tube.
  • B. Development of the baby takes place inside the test tube
  • C. Fertilisation takes place outside the mother body
  • D. Unfertilised egg develops inside the test tube

The blood pressure values of four person are given below. 1) Mrs. X-90/60 2) Mr. X-160/120 3) Mrs. Y.-120/80 4) Mrs. Y-140/100 Who among the following has normal blood pressure?
  • A. Mrs. Y
  • B. Mr. X
  • C. Mrs.X
  • D. Mr. Y

If a person can see an object clearly when it is placed at distance of about 25 cm away from him, he is suffering from.
  • A. Myopia
  • B. Hypermetropia
  • C. Astigmatism
  • D. None of these

The normal temperature of the human body is
  • A. 90F
  • B. 98 F
  • C. 98.4F
  • D. 96.4F

Which of the following components of blood protects human beings from infection?
  • A. Plasma
  • B. Blood platelets
  • C. Haemoglobin
  • D. White Blood Corpuscles