☰ Pharmaceutical Analysis (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Wave number is the number of waves

  • A. Per sec
  • B. Per Centimeter
  • C. Per inch
  • D. Per centimeters3

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Infra red spectrometry is a convenient method for understanding of

  • A. Drug receptor interaction
  • B. Functional group identification
  • C. Physico-chemical properties
  • D. Conformational properties

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The UV visible region in the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation is

  • A. 200-400 nm
  • B. 300-660 nm
  • C. 400-800 nm
  • D. 200-800 nm

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Osmolality measures the total no. of particles dissolved in a - of water and depends on the electrolytic nature of the solute

  • A. Kilogram
  • B. Kilolitre
  • C. Litre
  • D. Specified quantity

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Confirmation of drugs are commonly determined by

  • A. NMR
  • B. NMI
  • C. Mass spectroscopy
  • D. pH determination

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pH of a buffer system can be calculated by using

  • A. pH partition theory
  • B. Noyes whitney law
  • C. Henderson-Hasselbalch equation
  • D. None of the above

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