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Pharmaceutical Analysis (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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The factors affecting diffusion current in the polarography is denoted by
  • A. Nernst equation
  • B. likovic equation
  • C. Lamberts law
  • D. Mark-Houwink equation

According to paulis exclusion principle, spins of two electrons in the same orbital are
  • A. Parallel to one another
  • B. Perpendicular to one another
  • C. Opposite to one another
  • D. Supporting to one another

In gel permeation chromatography molecules are separated on the basis of their
  • A. Chemical nature
  • B. Size and shape
  • C. Adsorptive properties
  • D. Partition coefficient

The wave length source in NMR spectrometer is
  • A. Goniometer
  • B. Radio frequency oscillator
  • C. High voltage generator
  • D. Klystron oscillator

In amperometric titrations one of the following is kept constant
  • A. Current
  • B. Resistance
  • C. Voltage applied
  • D. Conductance

The energy of a photon is given by the relationship E=h where
  • A. E is the energy of photon in kilo calories
  • B. E is the energy of photon in cycles/sec
  • C. E is the energy of photon in joules
  • D. E is the energy of photon in ergs