☰ Pharmaceutical Chemistry I (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Anhydrous calcium chloride acts as.....

  • A. Dehydrating agent
  • B. Drug
  • C. Oxidant
  • D. Mordant

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Aqua regia is a mixture of....

  • A. HCL and H²SO⁴
  • B. HCL and HNO
  • C. HCL and HBR
  • D. HCL and HF

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During dehydration, the substance that is usually lost by the body is

  • A. Sugar
  • B. Sodium Chloride
  • C. Calcium phosphate
  • D. Potassium chloride

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Styrene is made up of the elements, hydrogen and

  • A. Sulphur
  • B. Carbon
  • C. Oxygen
  • D. Nitrogen

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Sodium bicarbonate is used as....

  • A. An effective antacid
  • B. Inhalants
  • C. Calcium accumulation
  • D. Systemic laxative

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A gas used for fumigation is.

  • A. Ethylene
  • B. Nitrogen Oxide
  • C. Sulphar dioxide
  • D. Oxygen

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