☰ Pharmaceutical Chemistry II (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Benzodiazepine containing three fluorine atoms and one chlorine atom in its structure is:

  • A. Diazepam
  • B. Lorazepam
  • C. Halazepam
  • D. Flurazepam

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Antibiotic Erythromycin belongs to the class of:

  • A. Aminoglycoside
  • B. Steroid
  • C. Peptide
  • D. Macrotide

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Commercially testosterone can be synthesized from

  • A. Oubagenin
  • B. Mexogenenin
  • C. Sarasapogenin
  • D. Halotensin

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Which of the following gives fluorescence ?

  • A. Triamterene
  • B. Frusimide
  • C. Spirinolactone
  • D. Hydrochlorthiazide

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Essential structural unit for the anthilmentic activity of mebendazole is:

  • A. Imidazole
  • B. Benzimidazole
  • C. Benzoyl group
  • D. Methyl carbonates

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Haloperiod belongs to the class

  • A. Propanediol
  • B. Carbamates
  • C. Phenothiazines
  • D. Butarophenone

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