☰ Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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The life period of drug is dealt in.

  • A. Schedule Q
  • B. Schedule P
  • C. Schedule M
  • D. Schedule N

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The medical termination of pregnancies in certain case are carried only by....... under Medical Termination of pregnancy Act 1971.

  • A. Any Doctor
  • B. Any Physician
  • C. Registered Medical Practitioner for this purpose
  • D. Registered Pharmacist

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Schedule H drug belongs to.......

  • A. Narcotic drug
  • B. Dangerous drug
  • C. Imported drug
  • D. List of prescription drugs

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For the manufacturing of cosmetics, license is granted in....

  • A. Form-25 c
  • B. Form-20 d
  • C. Form-20d
  • D. Form-32

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Sera, vaccines and toxins come under schedule........

  • A. O
  • B. P
  • C. Both options A & B
  • D. C

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The Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act was passed in.......

  • A. 1985
  • B. 1963
  • C. 1940
  • D. 1938

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