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Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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The license to manufacture in bonded laboratories is issued by
  • A. Drug controller
  • B. Excise commissioner
  • C. Excise officer
  • D. Excise Inspector

License for wholesale of drugs other than those specified in C, C1 and X is issued on form
  • A. 20
  • B. 20B
  • C. 21
  • D. 21 B

Schedule D in drugs and cosmetics Act refers to
  • A. List of poisonous substances.
  • B. Standards for surgical dressing .
  • C. List of drugs exempted from certain manufacturing provisions.
  • D. List of drugs exempted from import provision.

Joint state pharmacy council is formed
  • A. Under president rule in state
  • B. In Union territory
  • C. In two or more than two states
  • D. On order of central council

Which of the following statements about ISO Is incorrect
  • A. ISO certifies organizations which apply for ISO 9001 compliance
  • B. ISO 9000 is not a prescriptive standard for Quality
  • C. ISO 9000 is a process oriented rather result oriented standard
  • D. ISO 9000 does not provide industry specific performance requirements

As per GMP, during tablet compression, in- process control should be done at regular intervals of
  • A. Note more than 45 minutes
  • B. Note more than one hour
  • C. Not more than 30 minutes
  • D. Every one hour