☰ Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Licence is issued for manufacture of schedule C, C₁ & X drugs in form No:

  • A. 28
  • B. 28B
  • C. 25
  • D. 25F

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List of dyes, colours and pigments permitted to be used in cosmetics and come under schedule:

  • A. P
  • B. Q
  • C. M₂
  • D. M3

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An example of house hold remedies is:

  • A. Analgesic balms
  • B. Antacid preparations
  • C. Gripe water
  • D. All of them

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Licence is issued for manufacture of schedule X drugs in form No:

  • A. 25
  • B. 28
  • C. 25F
  • D. 28B

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If drug consists of any filthy, putrid or decomposed substance and it is according to Drugs & Cosmetic Act is

  • A. Filthy drug
  • B. Adulterated drugs
  • C. Spurious drug
  • D. Misbranded drug

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If drug is so clored, powdered or polished to conceal damage according to Drugs & Cosmetics Act is

  • A. Adulterated drug
  • B. Spurious drug
  • C. Misbranded drug
  • D. Misbranded cosmetic

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