☰ Pharmaceutics I (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Emulsions are which type of dosage form:

  • A. Monophasic
  • B. Biphasic
  • C. Triphasic
  • D. Tetraphasic

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Steps in rapid sand filters used for water purification are all EXCEPT:

  • A. Backwashing
  • B. Coagulation
  • C. Rapid mixing
  • D. Flocculation

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‘Store in cool place'-Means.

  • A. at 0°C
  • B. 8-25°C
  • C. 2-8°C
  • D. 5-10°C

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If 1 fl OZ=480 minim, how many millilitres are there in 1 fl oz?

  • A. 60ml
  • B. 30ml
  • C. 240ml
  • D. 120ml

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Milk is an example of......

  • A. Suspension
  • B. Gel
  • C. Emulsion
  • D. Foam

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The extraction process where powdered crude ding is kept in contact with suitable solvent for suitable time.

  • A. Percolation
  • B. Decoction
  • C. Maceration
  • D. Reserved percolation

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