☰ Pharmaceutics II (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Polymers of ethylene oxide are

  • A. Spans
  • B. Macrogols
  • C. Tweens
  • D. Polawax

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Drug is compressed into tablets with slowly soluble polymer is

  • A. Matrix dissolution
  • B. Ion exchange
  • C. Matrix diffusion
  • D. Osmotic pump

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Most nasal solutions are mildly buffered at pH between

  • A. Less than 4.0
  • B. 5.5-7.5
  • C. Above 8.0
  • D. 7.5-8

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Method suitable for preparation of spirits:

  • A. Chemical reaction
  • B. Distillation
  • C. Simple solution
  • D. All the above

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Mucilage is described best as which of the following systems

  • A. Sol
  • B. Gel
  • C. Magma
  • D. Milk

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Drug is bound to a resin and released due to changes in pH is:

  • A. Matrix dissolution
  • B. Osmotic pump
  • C. Ion exchange
  • D. Matrix diffusion

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