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Pharmaceutics II (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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The correct statement with respect to hard gelatin capsule is
  • A. Body is longer
  • B. Cap is longer
  • C. Both are equal.
  • D. Body is shorter and wider .

Colloidal silica is used as Glidant in concentration of
  • A. O.2%
  • B. 0.5 to/ 2%
  • C. 2-5%
  • D. 5-7%

Weight variations in tablet processing is caused by all of following, except :
  • A. Non -uniform of granule size distribution
  • B. Poor flow of granules
  • C. Higher speed of turret
  • D. Presence of excessive fines

Dry heating at 100 degree C for 1 hour causes
  • A. Sterilization
  • B. Kills vegetative bacteria and spores
  • C. kills vegetative bacteria but does not kill spores
  • D. Does not kill vegetative bacteria or spore

Time required to kill a specific micro-organism at a given temperature under specific condition is called as
  • A. D value
  • B. Z value
  • C. Inactivation factor
  • D. Thermal death time

The evaporation pan is heated with which of the following ?
  • A. Steam
  • B. Liquefied petroleum gas
  • C. Electric heaters
  • D. Chemical combustion