☰ Pharmacognosy (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Composition of Molisch's reagent is:

  • A. Alpha napthol + Sulphuric acid
  • B. Beta napthol + Sulphuric acid
  • C. Naphythylamine + Sulphuric
  • D. Phenol + Sulphuric acid

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Gambir flurescin test is used for drug:

  • A. Arjuna
  • B. Ashoka
  • C. Pale catechu
  • D. Black catechu

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Tannic acid is antidote in poisoning of

  • A. lodine
  • B. Cyanide
  • C. Alkaloid
  • D. Arsenic

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Biological source of Arjuna

  • A. Terminalia arjuna
  • B. Terminalia chebula
  • C. Terminalia tomenstosa
  • D. Terminalia belerica

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Condensed tannins are called as:

  • A. Hydrolysable
  • B. Non hydrolysable
  • C. Pseudo tannins
  • D. Proto tannins

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Detection of cotton seed oil as adulterant by

  • A. Halphen's test
  • B. Kedde's test,
  • C. Raymond's test
  • D. Salkowski test

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