☰ Pharmacognosy (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Drying oil is:

  • A. Linseed oil
  • B. Castor oil
  • C. Olive oil
  • D. Coconut oil

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The biological source of cinnamon:

  • A. Cinnamomum zeylanicum
  • B. Cinnamomum cassia blume
  • C. Cinnamomum burmanii
  • D. Cinnamomum loireirii

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Exhausted fennel is identified by absence of:

  • A. Fenchone
  • B. Anethol
  • C. Carvone
  • D. Cineol

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Rancidity of fat is determined by:

  • A. Thionine test
  • B. Selivanoff's test
  • C. Kreis test
  • D. Millons test

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Nutmeg belongs to family:

  • A. Lauraceae
  • B. Umbelliferae
  • C. Myristicaceae
  • D. Zingiberaceae

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Ring present in pilocarpine is:

  • A. Indole
  • B. Quinoline
  • C. Purine
  • D. Imidazole

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