☰ Pharmacognosy (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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The chief active constituent of fennel:

  • A. Carvone
  • B. Borneol
  • C. Dillapiole
  • D. Fenchone

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Cardamom belongs to family:

  • A. Liliaceae
  • B. Loganaceae
  • C. Apocyanaceae
  • D. Zingiberaceae

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Dragendorff's reagent does not give a positive test with:

  • A. Emetine
  • B. Morphine
  • C. Caffeine
  • D. Codeine

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Synonym for peppermint oil is:

  • A. Mentha oil
  • B. Oleum terbinthae
  • C. Eucalyptus
  • D. Chenoposan

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Beta ionone is starting material for synthesis of:

  • A. Vitamin K
  • B. Vitamin B1
  • C. Vitamin A
  • D. Vitamin D

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Lemon grass oil is obtained from:

  • A. Cymbopogon flexuosus
  • B. Cinnamonum camphora
  • C. Eucalyptus globules
  • D. Chenopodium ambrosioides

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