☰ Pharmacognosy (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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The opium alkaloid papaver somniferum is obtained from.

  • A. Leaf
  • B. Root
  • C. Seed
  • D. Stem

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What is strophanthus.

  • A. Diuretic
  • B. Antianemic
  • C. Cardiac glycoside
  • D. Antianginal

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Quinidine is.

  • A. Obtained from cinchona
  • B. O stereoisomer of quinine
  • C. An antiarrhythmic used an cardiac arrhythmia
  • D. All

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Clove stalks can be identified by the presence of.

  • A. Starch grains
  • B. Cystoliths
  • C. Lignified sclerids
  • D. Acicular crystals of calcium oxalate

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Meconic acid the chemical marker for which of the following genus?

  • A. Piper
  • B. Pilocarpus
  • C. Prunus
  • D. Papaver

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Precursor for the biosynthesis of tropane alkaloid is.

  • A. Leucine
  • B. Lysine
  • C. Ornithine
  • D. Tyrosine

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