☰ Pharmacognosy (Pharmacy Allopathy) - MCQs

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Van-Urk's reagent chemically is:

  • A. Benzoic acid
  • B. Cinnamaldehide
  • C. P- dimethyl amino benzal-dehyde
  • D. P-dimethyl benzoic acid

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The hemolytic index is used for identification of:

  • A. Tannin
  • B. Volatile oils
  • C. Resins
  • D. Saponins

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Stomatal index formula is:

  • A. S/EX100
  • B. E+S/E×100
  • C. E+S/S×100
  • D. S/E+S×100

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Protoalkaloids are also knowns as:

  • A. True alkaloids
  • B. Amino alkaloids
  • C. Extra alkaloids
  • D. Pseudo alkaloids

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Electroporation technique used in

  • A. Cell suspension
  • B. Protoplants
  • C. Organ
  • D. Calluses

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Biuret test is used to identify is:

  • A. Proteins
  • B. Steroids
  • C. Tannins
  • D. Triterpenoids

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