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In meiosis, synapsis occurs during

  • A. Interphase
  • B. Prophase
  • C. S-phase
  • D. Leptotene

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Most common monomer of carbohydrates is

  • A. Glucose
  • B. Fructose
  • C. Sucrose
  • D. Maltose

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Cell membrane is

  • A. Semipermeable
  • B. Permeable
  • C. Selectively permeable
  • D. Impermeable

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Plasmolysis will occur when the cell is placed in

  • A. Hypotonic solution
  • B. Hypertonic solution
  • C. Isotonic solution
  • D. None of these

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Collogen fibres are characterististics of which tissue ?

  • A. Muscular
  • B. Epithelial
  • C. Connective
  • D. Nervous

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Irregular nuclei are present in

  • A. Neutrophils
  • B. Basophils
  • C. Eosinophils
  • D. Monocytes

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