☰ English (TGT Exam) - MCQs

These are four options provided for the answers of the question only one option is right answer. You have to click any of the option to check your answer. You can also directly see the answer from the answer link below. if you want to see explaination of the answer you can click discuss link.

..... after his family, I might as well go home and look after my own parents fill in the blank

  • A. Baring
  • B. See
  • C. Look
  • D. Support

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If I ...... to give all my salary fill in the blank

  • A. Have
  • B. Must
  • C. Had
  • D. Should

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...... after 14 years fill in the blank

  • A. Man
  • B. Husband
  • C. Partner
  • D. Mate

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....... daughter-in-law. Prabha, a librarian, divorced her fill in the blank.

  • A. Think
  • B. Nil
  • C. the
  • D. A

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...... want the entire salary of fill in the blank.

  • A. Nil
  • B. Himself
  • C. Herself
  • D. Themselves

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....... mothers-in-law, if not the husbands fill in the blank.

  • A. Unions
  • B. Marriages
  • C. Weddings
  • D. Families

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