☰ Social Studies (TGT Exam) - MCQs

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Which of the following instruments is used for reading the changes that occur in atmo spheric humidity?

  • A. Barometer
  • B. Hygroscope
  • C. Pyknometer
  • D. Quartz clock

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The variation in the duration of the day and night is due to Earth's

  • A. Rotation on its axis.
  • B. Revolution around the Sun.
  • C. Inclination of an angle of 661/2 degrees.
  • D. Both (a) and (c) above.

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Which of the following roles is performed by weeds?

  • A. They sometimes produce toxic substances which help crop growth.
  • B. They help to control crop pests and diseases and microorganisms.
  • C. They reduce crop yield and affect quality by competing for water, minerals, manures and fertilisers and sunlight.
  • D. All of these

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Which of the following happens, when a traveller crosses the 180th meridian?

  • A. He loses a day if he crosses it in winter.
  • B. He gains a day if he crosses it in summer.
  • C. He loses or gains a day depending upon the or speed at which he is travelling.
  • D. He gains or loses a day depending upon the direction in which he travels.

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Between which of the following latitudes do the Trade Winds blow towards the Equator?

  • A. 30°N and 30° S
  • B. 40°N and 35° S
  • C. 45°N and 40° S
  • D. None of the above

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Which of the following oceans has the largest number of the world's active volcanoes?

  • A. Arctic Ocean
  • B. Atlantic Ocean
  • C. Indian Ocean
  • D. Pacific Ocean

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