☰ Social Studies (TGT Exam) - MCQs

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Snow line is

  • A. The altitude below which there is no snowfall ever.
  • B. The altitude above which there is snowfall but melts almost completely during the summer.
  • C. The altitude above which snow lies perma nently at any place, and it does not melt throughout the year
  • D. None of these.

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Which of the following statements in regard to the motion of Earth is correct?

  • A. It rotates on its axis from east to west.
  • B. The day and night are a result of rotation.
  • C. It rotates round the sun, taking 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45.51 seconds.
  • D. None of these is correct.

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Which of the following occur more frequently than the other three in the Indian Ocean?

  • A. Cyclones
  • B. Hurricanes
  • C. Tornadoes
  • D. Typhoons

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The Great Barrier Reef is a

  • A. Coral formation
  • B. Hill range
  • C. Manmade wall
  • D. Tidal bore

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Antipodes are the

  • A. Places diametrically opposite on Earth's surface.
  • B. Places on Earth receiving same rainfall.
  • C. Landlocked places.
  • D. Places on Earth receiving equal sunshine.

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Which of the following is also known by the name of Sahyadri Range?

  • A. Eastern Ghats
  • B. Western Ghats
  • C. Shivaliks
  • D. Vindhyas

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