☰ Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (Animal Husbandry) - MCQs

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During hemoglobin recycling in the spleen, heme is initially converted into:

  • A. Bilirubin
  • B. Stercobilin
  • C. Urobilin
  • D. Urobilinogen

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Ptyakusn is

  • A. Excessive secretion from brunners gland
  • B. Excessive salivation
  • C. Decrease secretion from salivary gland
  • D. Decrease secretion of succus entericus

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The causative agent of hydatidious is…..

  • A. Echinococcus granulosa
  • B. Diphylobothrium spp.
  • C. Taenia solium
  • D. Taenia saginata

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Prime goal of state department of animal husbandry and dairying is to provide _______ To the farmers

  • A. Subsidy
  • B. Input
  • C. Service
  • D. Semen

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Common site of occurrence of haematoma in dog is

  • A. Ear
  • B. Eyelid
  • C. Tail tip
  • D. Digit

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Triangular and pyriform apparatus like cooked rice grain present in egg of :

  • A. Moniezia sp.
  • B. Hymenolepsis nana
  • C. Dipylidium sp
  • D. Taenia sp.

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