☰ Races and Tribes (World GK) - MCQs

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Which one of the following became the 35th members of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) ?

  • A. Israle
  • B. Pakistan
  • C. India
  • D. Russia

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Which is wrongly matched?

  • A. Apatami -. Arunachal Pradesh
  • B. Gaddis - Himachal Pradesh
  • C. Khasis - Orissa
  • D. Abors _ Asom, Arunachal Pradesh

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Which of the following Tribe /Race found in Asom&Nagaland?

  • A. Angami
  • B. Ao
  • C. Nagas
  • D. All the above

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Jarawas are found in

  • A. Little Andaman
  • B. Andhra Pradesh
  • C. Car Nicobar to
  • D. Kerala

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Match the following

  • A. Lushias - Tripura
  • B. Lepchas- Manipur
  • C. Kuki - Sikkim
  • D. Kota- Tamil Nadu

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'Moplahs' ( a tribe in Muslims ) are mainly found in which Indian state?

  • A. Sikkim
  • B. Madhya Pradesh
  • C. Kerala
  • D. Bihar

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