☰ World's Superlatives (World GK) - MCQs

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Bangladesh was created in-

  • A. 1970
  • B. 1971
  • C. 1972
  • D. 1973

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Indonesia was a colony of which of the following countries?

  • A. Spain
  • B. Belgium
  • C. Dutch
  • D. Portugal

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Which inscription mentions about the village administration under the Cholas?

  • A. Aihole
  • B. Nasik
  • C. Uttaramerur
  • D. Junagarh

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Which of the following dynasties conquered Sri Lanka and South East Asian countries?

  • A. The Cholas
  • B. The Pandyas
  • C. The Chalukyas
  • D. The Rashtrakutas

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Chinese travelers visited India primarily because-

  • A. They were interested to stay in India
  • B. They were invited by the Indian kings
  • C. They were interested in Buddhism
  • D. They were interested to study Indian culture

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Where is the world's largest railway station?

  • A. Japan
  • B. England
  • C. USA
  • D. Russia

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